QUAKER MEETING HOUSE ASKWITH                                     Pre Planning.  Client presentation drawings 

The Quaker Meeting house was built in 1704 and was once part of the 4 strong Quaker meeting houses of North Yorkshire.  The house is no longer used as a meeting place and the current family want to return the house back to its former self, with original external features and a large open plan double height main room.  In order to convert the meeting house back to what it was in 1704, we are proposing a double story long house using stone, timber and agricultural sheeting to provide the accommodation    

lost through the conversation and needed by the family.  The new long house will contain living, dinning and entertaining space on first floor and living accommodation on the first.  The house is grade 2 listed, so all work will be carried out by working closely with English Heritage, The local Conservation officer and planning department.  We have just sent clients a feasibility report with a number of proposed schemes for them to look at.  Meetings with planners will follow.