The site is a steep slope running down from Hollins Road to the canal.  As such it was rendered unsuitable for traditional building methods. BDAL devised a creative approach to structuring a building on the site.  The foundations are created by discreet piling in two locations and creating two stone plinths. A new stone-faced retaining wall is created beside the existing road, and the associated structure is formed into a parking area for two cars and an entrance structure leading down from road level to a private formal garden with a reflecting pool.

The house itself is a steel balloon frame, which can be prefabricated off site and brought via lorry in two sections. The house is then simply craned into place from the road. The exterior reflects this unusual structure and is a minimal aluminium glazing system in dark grey powder coated finish.  The supporting structure is inspired by a historic local bridge, and the floating glass house is evocative of its canal-side location.