The scheme was to create a series of tidal pools along the Dublin coast line, in the area of Sandymount and Blackrock. The area was once a thriving Victorian seaside resort, renowned for its tidal swimming pools.  Due to global warming and rising sea levels the area now suffers from annual costal flooding, that damages local housing, local businesses and transport links. The proposal was to create a large man made crack, than ran parallel to the coast that would create a new coastal sea defence and leisure facility, that incorporated a series of tidal pools, landscaped wild coastal gardens and a new semi covered swimming 

facility for the local growing triathlete club, which would bring much needed revenue and tourists back to the area.  The design driver for the scheme was a natural fault line that ran through the site, which would be used to heat and power the proposal.  The fault line could also be taped into to produce enough energy to fund the scheme, whilst offering clean energy to the area.  The crack would be used as a large sink, to hold the costal water preventing it from travelling into Sandymount and Blackrock and flooding the area.