A sustainable urban environment embracing the enjoyment of metropolitan living: A place of interactive experiences, somewhere to live, work shop and enjoy. Over time a development will have its finishes, its arrangement, and ultimately even its use adapted to future requirements. To provide a sustainable environment the proposal forms a complex of high quality public realms, generated using flexible construction system of customizable elements, capable of evolving over time within a unified and high quality urban framework.

The Grid:

Grid forms are the basis of many towns and cities and form the general typology of buildings in many cultures. The proposal is to use a grid to develop an efficient system of hierarchical parts, capable of being customized and personal, yet unified as a whole. Evolution is then possible, with the development having the flexibility to adapt through design, use and re-use. The variation over time could include mixed use developments or a residential quarter.


‘Rear Window – Courtyards’:

Courtyard forms are generated from the base grid. Such forms have been used extensively through history around the world, providing efficient, interesting, and controlled urban environments. These environments can be fascinating theatres of life. The glazing system, in addition to providing natural environmental controls, allows individual spaces to be fully open, effectively turning the accommodation into large balconies that interact with the courtyards and public spaces. Courtyards have been developed in both hot and cold climates as a means of providing environmental control without relying upon mechanical systems.


The resources expended create a flexible primary structure that forms a high quality urban environment that can be adapted and re-used by generations into the future. The consistent plan depth used to form the grid ensures good natural ventilation to all of the accommodation.