The hosting centre has been designed to provide 1000 server units in an efficient construction envelope. The proposal is to provide cubes each containing 250 server units at the eastern extremity of the masterplan site. The division of the total server provision into cubes allows for an easily identifiable phasing of this part of the project, not only in terms of the construction but also of the service provision. Each hosting centre cube has four floors of server racks with approximately 60 server units per floor. the top floor of the


cube is devoted to plant including substantial cooling equipment. The cubes are very simple shapes constructed with a simple concrete frame in filled with concrete block work. Each cube is covered with a veil of metal mesh panelling which allows for external service runs of any water carrying pipe work and ventilation to the external cooling plant at roof level. The bold forms are highly visible from the passing motorway and are illuminated at night to provide a dramatic landmark.